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A great relationship is no accident. It takes knowledge and skills to live out the relationship of your dreams. But not just any knowledge and skills, there are specific things you have to learn if your relationship is going to thrive. Marriage counseling isn't the answer, it takes too long, and the average couple only gives it two sessions to work.

The answer is to learn how to respond to hurt feelings, unmet expectations, and disappointment in a way that increases intimacy. The Reignite Online Course for Couples teaches you practical skills like:

  • How to stop hurtful conflict
  • LOVE Talk - the most powerful communication method on earth
  • Forgiveness for the unresolved hurt in your relationship
  • The greatest way to increase intimacy through validating

You can build the marriage of your dreams because it comes down to your skill level. The Reignite Online Course for Couples will give you the exact skills in a step-by-step, practical method you can follow with ease as you naturally grow closer together.

Every lesson will give you:

  • Short video introductions
  • In-depth lesson content
  • Funny and inspirational video shorts
  • Powerful online relationship assessments

Just check our the Reignite Online Course for Couples lesson outline. The 6 keys to lasting love you will discover are:

  1. How relationships get into trouble (The Conflict Dance)
  2. The 1 thing every person must do in a relationship
  3. Building an unbreakable relationship
  4. LOVE Talk – a powerful communication tool to resolving conflict
  5. Experiencing forgiveness
  6. How to become a love magnet

As you go through each lesson, you will quickly begin learning how to turn your relationship around and begin experiencing the relationship you always dreamed of.

Your relationship deserves the very best. If you want to thrive, you have to learn what it takes to love each other well and resolve conflict. This course, like our program for couples in crisis (85% successful in couples staying together!) will teach you the fundamentals proven to help any couple at any stage in their relationship.

Whether your marriage is doing good, you can learn how to keep it healthy. Maybe you need a marriage tune-up, this is the perfect course for you as well. Even if your marriage is in crisis, the tools given in this study can truly help you turn your relationship around.

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