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The Complete Bundle - Get over 60% off all our courses

Get every course for a one-time fee...for life! You will get over 60% off when you purchase The Complete Bundle which...

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Wildly successful and proven

Discover the Secrets to Lasting Love Today A clinically proven online experience based on the wildly successful Reig...

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For all your relationships

This Gary and Michael Smalley’s DNA of Relationships study. This study is the result of the Reignite intensive progra...

$68.00 USD

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A life-changing experience

You have an opportunity to take a journey that can have the potential to change your life! Everyone wants great relat...

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You can make a difference

The most significant act of love we can do for our spouse is the single act of personal responsibility or the power o...

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Powerful Mini Course

This was a special live event featuring Dr. Gary Smalley and Dr. Michael Smalley. The evening webinar featured Gary’s...

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Parenting that works

In this practical and powerful parenting online course you will learn the five most important strategies to a happy f...

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Homes of Honor Parenting

Parents can better learn how to raise their children when they can discuss their strengths and weaknesses with other ...

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A must for engaged couples!

Every couple getting married needs to learn the Engaged fundamentals taught through this powerful online course! If ...

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The Comedy of Love

Just how far might you go to get the person of your dreams to marry you? Watch this classic tale of boy meets girl, b...

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Following Christ (12 Incredible Lessons)

The heart of Knowing Him is to provide you with an accelerated means of coming to know Jesus Christ more intimately, ...

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Here's How You Can Build A Better Relationship


Everything you learn is proven to work with couples through current strategies from our institutes around the globe.


You can trust the skills you will learn because we believe in researching what works and making it even better!


Loving well doesn't have to be difficult. Discover through practical skills exactly what it takes to thrive!