We are built on a solid foundation going back to 1979 when Dr. Gary Smalley began traveling the small towns and cities of Texas teaching the 10 ways to better love your husband and the 10 ways to better love your wife. These two talks eventually became the best-selling books (over a million sold each) For Better or Best and If Only He Knew. Gary's heart is to educate and inspire couples to love better and last a life-time! If you asked him, the thing he is most proud of is NOT the 60 best-selling books, or the over 12 million videos sold world-wide, the millions of live seminar attendees, the hundreds of television and radio appearances, being on shows like Oprah, Larry King Live, Fox News, James Robison, CBN, and more! Gary would tell you he is most excited about the three children he raised with wife Norma. "All 3 of my kids are helping couples and families and I couldn't be more proud!"

The Smalley family has continued inspiring couples and families world-wide! In the early 2000's Gary's two sons, Greg and Michael, along with their wives, Erin and Amy, and a team of psychologists began inventing a new way to help couples in crisis. Traditional marriage therapy was not a successful method of helping couples in crisis stay together or thrive. Marriage counseling can be a frustrating experience both for couples and marriage therapists. There's simply not enough time to truly make an impact and change destructive dynamics in a marriage that lead to divorce.

The low success rate of marriage counseling forced the Smalley's to come up with a better way to help hurting couples. Their team was consistently approached by couples after attending one of the marriage events, or reading a book, that the information was good, but they needed more help. Couples on the brink of divorce would ask if there was anything more they could do to save their marriage. The Smalley's team, headed by Dr. Greg Smalley, eventually landed on the marriage intensive model, which we now call Reignite, a 1-on-1 private program for couples who want to reignite the joy and passion in their marriage.

For over a decade now, the Smalley Institute has been perfecting the marriage intensive model and developing a powerful training program to help increase the amount of couples who can reignite their marriages in just 2 days! You can read more about our program here. We currently have over 10 locations across the United States run by highly qualified Smalley Institute coaches running the Reignite 1-on-1 program for couples. New cities keep being added because the Reignite 1-on-1 program works. Over 99% of the couples who participate in Reignite would recommend it to a friend or family member in need of help!

You are the reason the Smalley Institute exists! You deserve to have the marriage of your dreams and a family you can enjoy and experience life together. Michael and Amy Smalley run the Smalley Institute today and have big dreams for the future. There are still live events for local communities that bring the proven lessons and skills from the Reignite program to couples in a 1-day or 2-day live seminar format. One of the newest live events, and it is proving to be a phenomenal way to reach more couples, is the date night event, The Comedy of Love. This is a 2-hour evening with comedy and entertainment with a purpose. Couples are more apt to attend these events and are more open to learning how to better love each other through laughing. We continue to create new books, curriculum, and online courses all designed from the success of our Reignite program. What's special about the Smalley Institute is that everything we teach and everything we do is based on a solid foundation of research from working with real couples. At the Smalley Institute, we don't hope what we are teaching works, we know it does!




They bring a history and legacy of inspiring couples to love better. Through their leadership, the Smalley Institute has begun to open up centers across the United States and internationally. Their popularity as nationally renowned couples’ counselors quickly grew through their straightforward, no-nonsense advice.

Their love story began while they were undergraduates at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Michael’s love for Amy was immediate, but Amy, however, took some more convincing. So Michael went to the ends of the earth (by becoming a college male cheerleader because Amy was on the Baylor Yell-Leading squad) to finally win her over. After graduation, they went on to earn master’s degrees in clinical psychology from Wheaton College in Chicago, Illinois.

The Smalleys have enjoyed 20 years of marriage and have three children Cole, Reagan, and David.



Success blazed a trail from the court to the boardroom for former NBA player Maurice Evans, who is also former Vice President of the NBPA, the players’ union. Evans offers a unique blend of executive acumen, entrepreneurship, and passion for affecting positive change within the lives of others.

His most notable success as a key negotiator during the 2011 NBA Lockout resulted in higher contracts, better benefits, more protections for players, and both sides reaching a compromise to avoid losing the entire season. Evans was the only player to attend every meeting during the lockout. He accomplished this goal while also completing his Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Texas at Austin. This combination of leadership and work ethic exemplifies Evans versatility on and off the court. Upon retiring from the NBA, he believes God put it on his heart to help start a ministry for NBA players and their wives. His goal is to help equip them with the necessary tools to offset the estimated 90 percent divorce rate in the NBA.

Michael and Amy Smalley have been the perfect partner. Evans has a strong calling to help, encourage, and assist others, especially athletes, in helping them to reach their full potential as men and women in Christ.



Wendy has been a significant part of the Smalley Institute team since Michael and Amy moved their headquarters to Houston. Michael remembers interviewing Wendy for the first time:

I can remember being very tired and I didn't want to have to do her interview that particular day. As I welcomed her into my office I was hoping to get it done and over with in under five minutes! Not the best attitude to have before interviewing someone, but it's the truth. I kept to my personal promise to be done quickly, and asked Wendy if she had any questions for me. At this point, she reached down in to her bag and produced a spiral bound notebook. She began asking me technical and operational questions about my ministry and how I handled important areas of the business. After about three great questions, none of which I had answers to nor even realized I should be doing, I put my pad down and begged her to join the team in operations.

Her heart for couples and her passion for our ministry is an inspiration to the entire team! We would be adrift in a sea of chaos without Wendy.